For Begineer learners and newbies

If I am a begineer without any prior knowledge or experience of sewing, can I join your courses?

Begineers and newbies are most welcome to join our basic sewing courses which are specially designed and catered for those with little or no basic sewing skills.

Email/ Call us to reserve your spot now and we'll contact you,within one working day.

What will be taught in the basic course?

All students will have immediate access to an electric sewing machine to learn the basics of dressmaking.

Every new student will be taught how to use the sewing machine.

Every new student will get a free measurement book from Alisha Fashion and Dressmaking School.


What will be provided in the course?

During the course, sewing machine will be provided by our school.

We will guide our students to learn the sewing machine step by step.

 Sewing machines are also available for purchase at student rate.

What do I have to bring for my first lessons?

You will have to bring your the following items:

Scissors, thread ,zippers

Sewing kits are available for sale.

You need to bring along the relevant fabric for your project.

When will I get my certificate?

 *You will be awarded a certificate for the relevant course you have successfully completed.

*Subjected to terms and conditions

Where about is your location?

Address :         7 Dalhousie Lane

                           Singapore 209676


How often are lessons carried out?

We are open on :

Monday               10am to 5pm

Tuesday              10am to 9pm

Wednesday        10am to 5pm

Thursday           10am to 9pm

Friday                 -----------------------------

Saturday            10am to 5pm

Sunday               -----------------------------

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For further enquires, contact us via Email : ask@alishasewingschool.com

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